3 Stages To Splits

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Do you feel like you keep practicing but you can't get your splits? Do you believe you're not flexible enough to get splits? Guess what? You can increase your flexibility and get your splits! You just need new strategies to get there. You can't skip steps when it comes to increasing flexibility, but you can learn more effective techniques. This series guides you from beginning stages into splits in a progressive and systematic manner to get you the results you want.

A Series That Takes You On A Progressive Journey To Splits


This 3 part series is designed to increase your hip and hamstring flexibility to unlock your splits by using yoga postures, anatomical information and a variety of flexibility techniques. You'll get a foundations video plus 3 classes designed to progressively deepen your splits, no matter where you are on your splits journey.

Stage 1

You'll begin in a beginner friendly class incorporating yoga poses and an effective stretching technique called PNF

Stage 2

You'll continue to increase your flexibility with new stretches and techniques while in splits

Stage 3

You'll use props to deepen stretches and your splits working into oversplit

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Read what real students are saying:

Brie Mazin @floridayogamama

No matter what form of activity I was involved in, doing the splits evaded me. And then, I found Cathy Madeo! Her knowledge and experience have proved invaluable. With some vital cues and her priceless adjustments, I am a 40 year old who can now do the splits! I am incredibly grateful for the coaching by Cathy that have resulted in reaching my goals. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Cathy Madeo

Hi, I'm Cathy a yoga expert and founder of Cathy Madeo Yoga, a global online yoga school educating and empowering thousands of yoga students and teachers worldwide.
For most of my life I have felt stiff, tight and inflexible. I was painfully tight as a kid and as an adult I have suffered from spinal stenosis, a condition of the spine.
With all cards stacked against me, it wasn’t until AFTER having emergency spine surgery at 43 that I wondered- what IS flexibility? And why don’t I have it?! I have a chronic back condition called spinal stenosis- Is flexibility something I could increase? 
While everyone seemed to think flexibility only decreased with age and you were “born” with a certain degree of flexibility that could only be increased marginally, I decided to question that and in doing so proved to myself and helped hundreds of others see that you CAN increase your flexibility.

All The Details 

The online mini-series includes:

  • Foundations video
  • 3 part video series, 40-45 mins each 

You'll increase your flexibility in these targeted areas:

  • Hips
  • Hamstrings

Build Safe Foundational alignment:

  • Learn the exact way Cathy Madeo journeyed to splits
  • Get the crucial fundamental alignment necessities for splits
  • Understand how to use props to deepen stretches and increase flexibility

Yoga teachers claim your continuing education hours:

  • Cathy Madeo Yoga is a Yoga Alliance approved continuing education provider
  • Registered Yoga Teachers receive Yoga Alliance approved  5 Continuing education hours



Regularly Priced $69

  • All the tools you need to unlock your splits
  • Increase flexibility in your hips & hamstrings

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident that if you practice with the series over 30 days you will see progress! If you don't, you'll get your money back no questions asked! You have nothing to lose!

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