Premium Online Series Collection Designed To Deepen Your Yoga Journey

Online series designed to meet you where you are. Explore the Cathy Madeo series collection below.


Align Your Asana: 
Beginner Yoga Series

Get your foundational yoga poses in alignment right now

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Activate Your Core

A 6-video core workout series that educates you on the core muscles and how to engage them.

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Activate Your Core 2.0

A concise core workout series founded on the principles of Cathy Madeo’s original Activate Your Core series.

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Activate Your Flexibility

Get into your deepest yoga postures yet! Forward fold, hips, hamstrings and backbends are all unlocked in this series.

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Activate Your Handstand

A video series designed to give you all the tools you need to practice handstand.

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Activate Your Press-Up Handstand

A video series designed to give you all the tools you need to find your lift off into press-up handstand.

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Activate Your Asana:
The Flexibility Edition

The flexibility edition takes your yoga practice to the next level. 15 video yoga series.

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Settle With Yin:
Yin Yoga Series

15 Essential Yin Yoga postures explained with Ellen Mosko.


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Functional Yoga Anatomy

10 hour series deepening your anatomy knowledge. Learn to optimize body movement patterns for success.


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Yoga Anatomy 101

Get the fundamentals of anatomy now. Start building your knowledge with essential information about muscles, joints, the skeletal system and more!


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Programs Designed For Your Unique Practice 

Cathy Madeo series are here to give you guidance and the support you need. Cathy makes these various series digestible and with the flexibility to work with your schedule. Check out my most popular program: Activate Your Flexibility!

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