60 DAY



A 60-day training designed to give you the step-by-step break down to get your brand clarity, create your best social media content and grow your following.



Who Is This Training For?

Are you new to Instagram and not sure where to start? Are you spinning your wheels posting without clarity and not seeing results? This training is for anyone who wants to jump start on social media with special attention to Instagram. If you're ready to learn and are willing to commit to the process this training is for you!

If you are: new to creating content on Instagram and tired of trying hacks to grow your account, unsure of how and when to use Instagram tools, feeling overwhelmed by creating content, not sure where to start, or you're trying and trying and not getting results - The time to register for my social media bootcamp is now!

What Does This Training Require?

This training is for those who are new to social media, but are serious about gaining social media skills. 

Consistency rules the game on social media. That's why the only requirement is that you're willing to post and show up on social media! We know you might not feel ready yet, but rest assured as long as you have the desire, Cathy will give you all the tools you need to ensure you can make this happen with confidence!


What's Covered In the Course

  • ¬†Understand¬†Your Audience & Find Your Niche

  • ¬†How¬†To Create Valuable Content

  • ¬†How To Create Your Own Content Style

  • ¬†How To Own What Makes You Unique

  • ¬†How To Develop New Content Ideas

  • ¬†How To Batch Content Creation

  • ¬†How to Create and Edit Reels

  • How To Grow Your Following¬†
  • How To Work With Brands
  • And More!

Everything Included

  • ¬†1 Bio Audit of your social media account

  • ¬†2,¬†30 minute 1-on-1 calls with Cathy

  • ¬†Weekly 2-Hour Live Training lead by Cathy in small group setting

  • ¬†New Lesson Each Week

  • ¬†Weekly Homework Assignments

  • ¬†Accountability Partner

  • ¬†Online Series: Activate Your Brand

  • ¬†Worksheets
  • Training capped at 15 for personalized attention


@cathymadeoyoga 605K IG | TikTok | YouTube

Cathy has grown her social media accounts all organically, a coveted accomplishment in the world of marketing! Due to Cathy’s social media following and tutorial based content on Instagram, she was selected by Tiktok to join a creator initiative on Tiktok called #learnontiktok and in 2020 grew her TikTok account in just 6 weeks to over 100K. Now her TikTok account has almost 300K followers! Cathy has been coached by managers both on TikTok’s team and Instagram and was recently selected by YouTube to become a YouTube shorts creator. She has educated herself with numerous online trainings as well as self-taught herself driven by a deep curiosity of the online space. Cathy is known for her step-by-step methods of distilling information and ability to foster community and she is so excited to share everything she knows about social media with you!


Read what real students have to say

Juliana Larochelle @juliana.larochelle

I took Cathy's Social Media Bootcamp in 2022 and it really helped hold me accountable to post every day. Cathy taught me new ways to edit videos and pushed me outside my comfort zone to try new ways of editing that I wouldn't have done before. My favorite part of the boot camp was Cathy's Instagram audits of my account. She'd give her feedback on my photo, bio, and posts. This was invaluable to have Cathy's suggestions on how to improve. This laid the foundation to help me grow my account.

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As a person with a Marketing background who had already attended two short trainings on the subject of Instagram, I was hesitant to take this bootcamp. However, knowing that I would also have one-on-one time with Cathy to discuss anything made me do it. I’m so happy I did! I was able to learn more things, to discuss strategies, to have leverage from an amazing group of people AND have dedicated attention from Cathy. Thanks to the Bootcamp, I have great new strategies and ideas to apply to my Instagram.

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Madi Cooper @madicooperyoga

I came into this program with less than 300 followers. While I was intimidated by others in the group, those nerves quickly dissipated as we dove into Cathy’s valuable instruction. Learning how Cathy ORGANICALLY built her incredible following was simultaneously inspirational and empowering. She gave us all the tools we needed to begin to build a community just like hers. The personalized feedback on our content and overall branding allowed me to more than double my follower count! I really can’t say enough good things about this program. 

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Dana Joyce


I went into Cathy's Social Media Bootcamp, knowing that if there was one person out there that could guide me to finally dial in on my brand on social media, it would be her. Even knowing that, at the start of training I was still sure I was NOT going to be one of the rapidly successful people to come out our training cohort, but I am happy to report that I was wrong! By using Cathy's techniques for reels editing, dialing in on my style, and consistent posting, I had 3 videos go viral for me in the 90 days after training. One top of that, I also was approached by a major brand to create content for them. Her tips on negotiating brand partnerships gave me the confidence to negotiate the contract for that campaign, that I would definitely not have had before the bootcamp. I never would have expected any of that and I definitely would not have achieved it as quickly as I did without Cathy's guidance.

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$425/ Mo 

2 monthly monthly payments of $425