A core workout series that educates you on the core muscles and how to engage them, and offer a ton of core exercises that you can do at home.

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You’ll build strength from the inside out. Hearing your instructor say, "engage your core," will never be the same! 

What is the Core?

You'll learn all the muscles that make up the core, where they are located, how you can engage them and how having strong core muscles will change your yoga practice or any movement routine.

Core Stability

Discover core stability and building stamina. Use plank, side plank, forearm plank and hollow body your core will be challenged as you stabilize your pelvis and spine.

Hip Flexors

Strengthen the muscles that flex your hip and pull your knees into your chest. Developing strong hip flexors will unlock your inner strength and enable you to move with more control.


obliques help you twist and side bend. Getting strong obliques will transform your practice and stabilize your pelvis so you can move with more control. You'll learn a ton of exercises to challenge these muscles.

Glutes & Spinal Extensors

The glutes and spinal extensors are often overlooked. Learn how to strengthen all the muscles that surround the spine with these exercises that focus on back core muscles.

Overall Core

Put it all together in an overall core workout that strengthens all the core muscles in an efficient routine.

Bonus Video: Wrists

Learn how to strength and stretch the wrists and fingers so that you can safely bear weight on your hands.

Best Practices 

Discover how you can use this video series with tips on how to get the most out of your experience.



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