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Do you feel like you're not strong enough for arm balances? Do you feel like you're missing a key component to find balance in these poses? Guess what, anyone can unlock these poses! You just need a few basic tools to develop strength and discover the power you already have. 

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When you purchase this series you'll get immediate access to my most robust series! Complete with 17 informative and practice along videos.

9 Video Pose Tutorials

Follow along with step by step video tutorials to learn how to safely get into the poses.

6 Practice Along Classes

Get the exact format that I use to prep my body to go into these deep poses.


Enjoy pose breakdowns, written cues, modifications, prep poses and more!

Meet Your Instructor

Cathy Madeo

Hi, I'm Cathy a yoga expert and founder of Cathy Madeo Yoga, a global online yoga school educating and empowering thousands of yoga students and teachers worldwide.
I started my yoga journey in the 1990s and when I was just 19 I moved to Los Angeles. I can recall going to the local yoga studio and being in absolute awe of people balancing on their hands and seeming to do it with little effort! I remember thinking: I could never do that. I’m just not strong enough…
But once I learned how to shift my weight on my hands, I realized the main thing that was stopping me was my own belief in what I thought I was capable of. These poses began to represent an inner strength and growth. As I became more confident in them, so my confidence in everything increased; that’s when I realized the power behind yoga was not in achieving an outward form, but rather in arriving at an inner knowing.
I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to make the most challenging and “advanced” asana, accessible to students. These yoga poses WILL build physical strength and you’ll feel like you’ve got a super power, but they’ll also build an inner strength and that will permeate everything you do.


Imagine This:
Instead of being unsure and missing out, imagine:
  • Overcoming doubts and fears to make progress every practice
  • Feeling that rush of excitement when you take flight on your hands
  • Being able to arm balances during yoga class
  •  Feeling confident and overcoming your fears

All The Details 

The online series includes:

  • 17 video series
  • Foundations and conditioning video
  • 6 Classes 25-35 minutes each
  • 9 Yoga pose tutorials
  • Supplemental manual

You'll physically strengthen these targeted areas:

  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Core

Build Safe Foundational alignment:

  • Learn the way Cathy Madeo warms up for arm balances
  • Get the crucial fundamental alignment necessities in arm balances
  • Understand how to use props to build strength in arm balancing postures

Yoga teachers claim your continuing education hours:

  • Cathy Madeo Yoga is a Yoga Alliance approved continuing education provider
  • Registered Yoga Teachers receive Yoga Alliance approved  10 Continuing education hours



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  • 17 video series
  • Ebook
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We're confident that if you practice with the series over 30 days you will see progress! If you don't, you'll get your money back no questions asked! You have nothing to lose!

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