Beginner Yoga Series

Unlock the basics with this complete collection of beginner yoga poses! 
You’ll learn crucial, fundamental alignment principles with everything you need to start your practice off safely. Practice alongside yoga expert, Cathy Madeo, with these transformational tutorials that you can watch again and again! 

What's Included:

40+  Poses 

Instructional tutorials on over 40 different yoga poses

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutation A

Full Class

Full length foundational
yoga class

Full Manual

Digital manual to enhance your learning experience


Cathy Madeo carefully curated this series for beginner yoga students from her Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. This series is designed to those new to yoga, or anyone who wants to understand the alignment of yoga postures and receive a solid foundation of the asana.

Now more than ever we turn to online instruction and/or self practice, and Cathy offers you the tools for practicing safely at home. 

Feel confident in your yoga practice, knowing that you are practicing safely in alignment!

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Cathy Madeo

Hi, I'm Cathy a yoga expert and founder of Cathy Madeo Yoga, a global online yoga school educating and empowering thousands of yoga students and teachers worldwide.

I created this series for beginner yoga students, or any yoga student regardless of level who hasn't received a solid foundation in regards to alignment in foundational yoga postures.

Now more than ever as we turn to online instruction and/or self practice, I wanted to offer you the tools for practicing safely at home. What makes a yoga pose beginner? I define beginner yoga poses as the postures in our yoga practice that lay the foundation for a complete and accessible practice. They are the building blocks to provide you a solid foundation of the practice. Some students will remain here, these postures provide both strength and flexibility to all areas of your body, but if you do want to progress many of these poses and the principles you'll learn in regards to anatomy and alignment will carry over into more complex postures.

Build a solid foundation and you'll be on your way to a sustainable yoga practice!



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  • Asana Manual Printer Friendly
  • 40 Pose Tutorials
  • Practice Along Sun Salutation Class
  • Full Length Practice

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