Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga

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About This Manual

The Cathy Madeo Yoga Asana Manual is designed as a supplemental guide to your Asana practice. This manual was created for all levels of yogis from beginners to yoga teachers. It was made intentionally to assist you on any point of your yoga journey. 


What You'll Get

  • Pose photos
  • Sanskrit, pronunciation and translations
  • Alignment cues
  • Common misalignments
  • Contraindications
  • Modifications
  • Pose benefits
  • Primary chakra activation
  • Detailed information for over 90 yoga poses!
  • Investment in your CMY 200HR Online Yoga Teacher Training
  • And more!  

By purchasing this manual, you're one step closer to investing in the Cathy Madeo Yoga 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training. The purchase of this manual will go towards the total cost of our 200 hour teacher training program. Join me in a deepening of your yoga practice and journey today! 

Get Your Manual Now

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