Online series designed to give you all the tools you need to find your lift off into press-up handstand.

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This series is organized in a way that breakdowns are separated from practice along videos so you can get the most out of your time. Each of these videos starts with core drills to prep and train your body for the day's press-up handstand practice. Working on press-up will develop strength and control you’ve never felt.

How To Use This Series

This short video tells you how to use this series. I keep instructional breakdowns and terms separately in the foundations video

Press-Up Handstand Foundations

Sit back, watch and listen. This video is packed with several of the key terms and alignment tips you need to get a solid handstand practice


This efficient warm up targets your most used areas for your press-up handstands. You'll prep hands, wrists, shoulders, core, hips and hamstrings

Lean and Lift

You’ll start with core stability and shoulder stability work and then work on techniques and drills to find your lift off!

Puppy Press-Up

I’m going to show you how to use your core to find lift off in puppy-press. We’ll start with core work, then learn the puppy press pattern and do drills with props to find your press.

Straddle Press-Up

We'll work the abductors, outer hip muscles in order to straddle press-up. Learn the straddle press-up pattern, how to use props to access lift off, and drills for strengthening 

Single-Leg Press

Lift one leg in the air, lean and use your core compression to float the bottom leg up. You’ll see how much flexibility will play a part in your press with this challenging position

Tuck Press

Tuck teaches us how essential compression is to your press-up. Learn how to compress your thighs toward your torso to find lift with the strength of your core

Half-Pike Press

Bending one leg in makes pike slightly less challenging to help us toward the ultimate pike press-up.

Pike Press

One of the hardest handstands, pike press-up challenges both our flexibility and strength. You’ll learn why compression is so important and how to to pull the legs up before and after your pike position.

Bonus Video: Wrists Stretch & Strengthen

Press-up handstands put your wrists in extension past the 90 degree angle. In order to practice press-up and keep your wrists healthy, you’ll need to build strength in your hands, wrists, and forearms.



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