Learn How Flexibility Works To Unlock Your Deepest Yoga Poses Yet 



Get Your Deepest Flexibility Yet
Without Sacrificing Time Or Injuring Your Body 

Do you feel like you're stretching and stretching but not seeing any results? Have you lived most of your life feeling inflexible? Are you frustrated not being able to access certain yoga poses that require deep flexibility? You can be flexible! Activate Your Flexibility was designed with the idea that muscles work in pairs, when one muscle engages the opposing muscle stretches. That means increasing flexibility is not just about stretching, but also strengthening. Learn which muscles to strengthen and a variety of stretching techniques to gain true flexibility with this online series.

Activate Your Flexibility Online Series

Forward Folds

Deepen your forward folds with new insights and techniques into how to increase your flexibility in these postures

Front Splits

Unlock your splits with PNF stretching technique and a variety of postures to get you into your front splits

Middle Splits

Uselight weights to increase the mobility and flexibility throughout the hip joint to gain access to. middle splits


Learn new anatomical information about backbends to help you get your deepest backbend yet

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What's Included

  • 11 video series
  • 4 Foundations and Principles of Poses Videos
  • 6 Full Length Class
  • Uncover what's preventing you from being flexible
  • Anatomy principles explained
  • Supplemental EBook

You'll get knowledge, insights, and physically train and condition these targeted areas:

  • Forward Folds - Deepen Your Forward Folds
  • Hamstrings - Unlock Your Front Splits
  • Hips - Unlock Your Middle Splits
  • Backbends - Journey deep into backbends like camel, wheel, king pigeon and king dancer, drop backs and more!

Techniques to increase your flexibility:

  • PNF drills
  • Weighted stretching 
  • Reciprocal inhibition 
  • Active vs passive flexibility
  • Mobility techniques
  • Yin Yoga

Activate Your Flexibility
Online Series


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